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Radit SRL of Treviso has been dealing with the disinfestation of our environments from all parasitic forms since 1982: insects, mice, birds, etc. through anti-woodworm treatments, fumigation, rodent control and HACCP systems, operating both in Italy and abroad (Slovenia and Tunisia).

The hygiene and wholesomeness of our environments have always been the absolute priority of Radit SRL, which invests in new technologies, cutting-edge equipment, in refresher courses to which its technicians are periodically subjected and in collaborations with the bodies responsible for the elimination of parasites.

Radit SRL guarantees its customers the effectiveness of each treatment in the least amount of time, thanks to the latest generation equipment and at a low cost.

Each disinfestation process takes place through the use of products and techniques authorized by the Ministry of Health to guarantee absolute respect for the environment.

Furthermore, Radit SRL is one of the very few companies in Italy to have been authorized to carry out any type of pesticide intervention through the use of toxic gases and ProFume® gas (sulfuryl fluoride).

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