Pest control Pizzerias and Restaurants

For the sanitization of places such as pizzerias or restaurants, professionals are needed to protect the environments of your business.

Cockroaches, flies, ants and any other pest can come into contact with foodstuffs and transmit diseases. These insects usually nest in rooms where meals are prepared or in warehouses. Their presence therefore represents an enormous danger to the company's business and reputation.     

Beyond a possible food contamination, the image of your pizzeria or restaurant can fall if one or more pests come into contact with customers, directly or simply by sight.

Inside houses there are conditions that attract many pests. Not to mention the outdoor spaces of the house and in particular the garden, which in summer are filled with mosquitoes and sometimes even host mice and rats. For insects and rodents, the environments we inhabit are places they seek out to live and reproduce.

A homemade pest control treatment must eliminate weeds. And it has to do it safely. In full respect of the sensitivity of the inhabitants and the vulnerability of the environments.