Sanitization services

The sanitization services consist in the mechanical removal of dirt from surfaces and objects through the use of specific detergents that eliminate the bacterial load and contaminants that cannot be removed with ordinary cleaning. Sanitization is carried out using chemical detergent products (detersion) aimed at bringing the microbial load back within acceptable and optimal hygiene standards which depend on the intended use of the environments concerned. However, sanitization must be preceded by cleaning.

Sanitization, as a more complex process, can be carried out by Pest Control Companies, thanks to their technical-professional requirements.

These are activities that concern procedures and operations that aim to make environments healthy through multiple actions: disinfestations, cleaning, air purification, improvement of ventilation, lighting and noise control. Basically everything that allows an improvement in living conditions in an environment. Radit, as a company active in the field of disinfestations, disinfections and services for the hygiene of air and environments, is able to provide advice and targeted solutions with respect to relevant aspects of sanitization of Covid and environments in general, making use of medical devices surgical.

For the disinfection and sanitization actions to be effective, the constant cleaning and sanitizing actions of the environments must not be underestimated.

 Mechanical or manual cleaning of dirt allows the removal of dirt from surfaces and must be carried out regularly, prior to disinfection and within the sanitization processes.

The current moment of health emergency makesthe professional sanitation activity, to be combined with the normal daily cleaning procedures. The security services offered by us also include sanitization through machines and detergents registered with the Ministry of Health for the elimination of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

But what does Sanitize mean?

The sanitization of environments is a set of cleaning and disinfection operations, designed to remove dirt, unwanted substances, dust removal.

These operations include the disinfection of the rooms, i.e. the procedure for making them healthy and free from pathogenic microorganisms..

The products we use for sanitization are also ideal for use in the food industries.

Our sanitation services are carried out 24/7, this allows us to meet the needs of our customers so as not to interfere or interrupt the production process or the services provided.