Our history

The Radit Disinfestazioni company of Treviso was founded in 1982 by Mr. Mario Crestani.

Today it is a leading company in the pesticide and environmental hygiene sector thanks to the commitment, professionalism and numerous investments in the sector. The activity of Radit SRL embraces the sanitation of environments, insect disinfestation, anti-woodworm treatments, fumigation and rat extermination through the use of regularly registered products and techniques approved by the Ministry of Health to guarantee absolute respect for the environment and people's health. All the personnel of Radit Disinfestazioni is provided with a license enabling the use of pesticides in the performance of their duties. It was founded in 1982 by Mr. Mario Crestani.

The Crestani family has always believed deeply in the need to live in clean, healthy environments and therefore in the importance of fighting any type of infestation to protect people, things and the environment, dedicating themselves to carrying out this activity with passion , professionalism and seriousness. The profound tenacity of Radit Disinfestazioni's technicians has allowed our company to expand nationally and internationally and to acquire among its customers important names such as Alemagna, Motta, Ferrero, Pavesi, Liebig and Pernigotti.

Radit Disinfestazioni has always wanted to invest in new technologies, in refresher courses for its technicians and this working philosophy is a guarantee of the effectiveness of each treatment for each customer. Each weed situation is considered in its own right; it is analysed, studied by our technicians and attacked in a decisive way.

Radit Disinfestazioni is able to intervene in any place to solve any type of infestation problem, especially in the food sector. In this field it makes use of the HACCP system: this method starts from the search for all the dangers that could arise both during the production process of a food and during all the other subsequent phases such as storage, transport, preservation up to the sale to the final consumer. It is, therefore, a method of hygiene control aimed at protecting the health of the consumer. The control is carried out with the aid of pheromone traps or glue plates. Once the degree of infestation has been found, action is taken accordingly and the relative documentation essential for HACCP controls is provided. We guarantee a precise, rapid and punctual result at a decidedly competitive cost.

Furthermore, Radit Disinfestazioni is one of the very few companies in Italy (on the whole national territory there are only 5 or 6) to have the possibility of carrying out any type of pesticide intervention through the use of toxic gases and ProFume® gas ( sulfuryl fluoride).

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