PULITA it is a silent, hygienic, fatal and invisible action automatic fly killer lamp. It is able to provide a professional and hygienic solution to the problem of fly infestation and to the control of insect infestation in general within environments where hygiene must be guaranteed, such as grocery stores, hotels, restaurants , hospitals, etc.
• Aesthetic plastic cover with a pleasant design, easy to remove for cleaning, replacement of the cartridge and UVA tubes, easy to use, to dispose of and avoids direct exposure to ultraviolet rays to ensure the safety of humans and animals domestic;
• Motor for the automatic advancement of the sticky tape with magnetic system;
• Two U.V.A. tubes from 15 W each capable of attracting insects up to about 30 meters away;
• Supporting structure in stainless steel designed for wall fixing and for easy repositioning of the cover;
• Automatic end-of-cartridge signaling system;
• Removable cartridge with adhesive strip containing natural and biological attractants with high priming power, always active for an average duration of 60 days.

• Prevents the vision of caught flies;
• Easy to place in any environment;
• Complete automation ensures constant performance of the equipment;
• Avoids the dissemination of parts of insects and therefore of pathogenic microbes in the environment;
• The cartridge is simple to replace, prevents flies from escaping in a natural way and allows checking the type and quantity of insects captured.

Technical data
Weight: 5.0 kg
Measurements: 530x210x230mm
Power supply: 230V ac 50Hz
Absorption: max 0.3A