ECOFLY is a light trap that guarantees maximum attraction towards flying insects: ecological, silent, reliable.

It can be placed on a piece of furniture or hung on the wall and is characterized by an innovative design that easily adapts to all types of environments, modern or classic. A single device is able to protect rooms of even more than 30 m2.

ECOFLY attracts and captures all types of flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes and midges and is designed for use in public places (bars, restaurants, pastry shops, delicatessens, shops) and places where you want an environment free from insects in an ecological and clean.

The insects remain trapped in a special glue panel placed on the back of the lamp thanks to a glue created with food attractants and pheromones. Panel replacement is simple and clean.

The lamp ECOFLY it is equipped with a 2-metre power cord and can be turned off using a convenient switch. For better efficiency, we recommend that you keep the device switched on all the time. It is powered by 220 Volt current, has a consumption of 9 Watts and was built in compliance with CE standards. The dimensions are: 28x13x27 cm. It is guaranteed for 12 months against any manufacturing defect. ECOFLY also complies with the provisions of law 155 on food hygiene (HACCP).